Your young and informed voter checklist

(Photo: AZ Central)

Excited and eager to cast their ballots, young people are preparing for the 2020 presidential election in a way unlike any generation before. Many Gen Zers and Millennials use social media to express their political views, as well as a one-stop shop for political news and information. On sites like Twitter, Instagram and TikTok, young people frequently post trendy infographics that emphasize the importance of being an informed voter. Do you see a problem here?

As easy as it is to post a story encouraging others to be an informed voter, it doesn’t do any good unless you have done your own research. Reading the headline of a trending Facebook article or seeing a random statistic on an Instagram story does not equate to being an informed voter! So what does being an informed voter look like? Here is your informed voter checklist.

Contributed by: Sydney Kerl (Marketing Intern, VotingSmarter)



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