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The 2020 election is finally over, and President-elect Joe Biden has begun preparing to take the reins in the White House. Across the nation, millions of people are breathing a sigh of relief as the news sinks in — this highly contentious election season is over!

Joe Biden won the national popular vote (the total number of votes cast across the entire United States) by upwards of 5 million votes, but the electoral college system meant that it was extremely close in some states, such as Arizona, Wisconsin, Pennsylvania, and Georgia.

In fact, in the closest state, Georgia, the margin between Joe Biden and Donald Trump was less than 15,000 votes — so close that the state will be conducting a recount to ensure that the tally is accurate.

It wasn’t just the presidential race that came close to the wire in Georgia. State law requires candidates for the U.S. Senate to win at least 50% of the vote to win an election. Unfortunately for Senator David Purdue, who ran for re-election this year, he narrowly missed this cutoff — again, by fewer than 15,000 votes — and will have to face a runoff against Democrat Jon Ossoff in January of next year.

If you’re reading this, you likely used VotingSmarter’s #CandidateMatchmaker to help you decide who to vote for in this election. If so, you’re one of thousands of our app users.

Just think! If all of you had been voting in Georgia on November 3rd, VotingSmarter’s app users might have been able to swing the election one way, or the other!

The results from the presidential election in Georgia show how important it is for every single voter to make their voice heard. Now here’s the thing — the election in Georgia isn’t over!

There will be two runoffs for Georgia’s U.S. Senate seats on January 5. If you’re in the state of Georgia, check out our iOS app via the App Store, or find us online to take the #CandidateMatchmaker!

(Contributed by Ruairi Vaughan, Multimedia Content Creator at VotingSmarter)

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