Do you think your vote is worthless?

Of Course it is.

A vote doesn’t give you the power to participate in political decision-making. Companies, businesses, and corporations lobby to get the government, legislatures, and politicians’ establish laws in their favor to maximize their influence with their money.

Each year billions of dollars are spent in the U.S lobbying the government and politicians to create new policies. Understanding that money is the drive behind most of the decisions taken by the government, you have all it takes to make positive changes with your dollars.

One of Voting Smarter’s core objectives is to connect you with brands that share your values. Whenever you shop with these brands, you are sure your money reinforces policies that positively impact you and your community.

Money controls what happens in the legislation, so your votes don’t change anything. A Common citizen needs the power to influence political policy and decisions. It is the reason why every dollar you spend shopping matters a lot. A brand whose value aligns closely with yours will lobby the government to make rules beneficial to you, reaffirming your confidence that the government works for you. A brand whose value doesn’t align with yours will do otherwise.Solving the problem of political participation requires our collective effort.

That is why VotingSmarter is tapping into the potential of blockchain technology and Web 3.0 to address the issues that affect every citizen. Web 3.0 has shifted power from corporations to the hands of the users/community. It aligns with our goal of taking back control from corporations so politicians and the government can be more accountable to every citizen. Decentralization in Web 3.0 creates a governance system where the government makes rules based on social opinions.

VotingSmarter will be launching an NFT collection called the Civies.

Our NFT will empower holders with the power to exercise their influence over any rule or scheme. An NFT community attracts people who share the same ideology, allowing a sense of belonging regardless of differences in background or location.To capitalize on Web 3.0 for socio-political changes and direct interaction with political leaders, we will have regular sessions for politicians to interact with the community. There you can state your views to them on issues affecting you within your community.

VotingSmarter will also provide unbiased news to the community on political issues. The current media platforms are biased and tend to favor a political party over another when reporting to the public. We strongly oppose political bias in the news media. In that regard, our community and NFT holders access unbiased news about politics and government operations.

With effort, we can help create the kinds of change we want in our society by working towards a common objective that reflects things we care about and our values.

Written by Joseph Bello