Clear and Unbiased Recap of VotingSmarter.

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With a company that is passionate about providing apolitical content to its viewers, VotingSmarter has successfully developed a new platform. But, more importantly, this new web-browser extension allows for a new way to shop smarter with your bucks. With the VotingSmarter team’s checking biases at the door, the CEO Terry Crandall is eager to launch this upcoming idea to yield a more holistic approach to getting your news and spending your money.

After all the success in 2020, our team has recently collaborated to help identify why they continue to work for a company like VotingSmarter. In addition, many of our teammates also discussed the important characteristics and work ethic that allows for our ability to remain an unbiased organization.

“People should care about VotingSmarter because it provides a useful tool for voters/consumers that allows them to support the causes they care about both directly (through voting) or indirectly (through shopping).”

With the plethora of information circulating the internet, it can be difficult to parse a biased, inaccurate source. However, we at VotingSmarter understand the influx of competing information that discloses limited sources which lean heavier on one side of the political spectrum. While sorting through these misguided sources at VotingSmarter, our team functions as an undivided intermediate for all your impartial news — including the sites you spend most of your time and money.

Being overloaded with many options to shop, VotingSmarter saw this market as an opportunity to sort out all the junk. Finally, an internet tool that helps identify shoppers’ values and opinions with the correct corporations that share their similar views. With VotingSmarter, our team is doing just that by providing this medium to allow shoppers to identify with their favorite brands and know where they are investing the money.

“Making their values more transparent to consumers is really genius, and the reason people should care is if they care about where their dollars are going!”

In regards to addressing biases within our organization, this is a difficulty that we at VotingSmarter attempt to correct as well as acknowledge. With many different personalities and viewpoints from all over the world, our teammates encourage an open dialogue to communicate with one another about how they see the world from their seat behind the camera. That being said, there is no ignoring that each of us, not just in this company but all around us, has a bias — whether implicit or explicit.

Although this may be true, we at VotingSmarter acknowledge this innate chink in our armor. We do our best to combat this natural impulse by collaborating and understanding each others’ positions. As someone from our marketing team has said,

“It is important to have conversations with people that may disagree with you constantly. Always being open to new ideas and perspectives.”

Transparency is one of the driving factors that make us unique at VotingSmarter while emphasizing the importance of working with others with an opposing political point of view. While it’s easy to get lost in one’s own biases, fighting biases is a continuous battle for the hopes of providing an impartial opinion for our readers to interpret their own ways of thinking.

With the helpful teamwork of our members at VotingSmarter, we continue to evoke difficult discussions to improve the quality of our apolitical content. For this reason, VotingSmarter is constantly looking for other alternatives to combat our biases while attempting to look at the world through a different lens.



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