By Adam Sanders.

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In America, guns and gun control pose unique dilemmas even compared to the country’s other long-unsolved problems. Anyone who pays even passing attention to the news cycle knows that for years or even decades, there is an excruciatingly familiar pattern in this country. A shooting happens, action is demanded, people say, “now is not the time,” and…nothing. Every repeat of this cycle raises important questions. These include questions over why passing gun control legislation is so difficult, what the best legislation would be, and how would such legislation reconcile[CB1] with the Second Amendment? …

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Have you ever considered playing Devil’s advocate with your own core beliefs? Have you ever allowed impartiality to discourage any warped information that has tainted your decision-making method? What is the source of this implicit influence regarding one’s choices in solving a problem? The answer lies in the mental shortcuts we take to simplify our information quickly. Moreover, these hasty heuristics are better known as cognitive biases.

In light of making decisions, individuals may allow prepossessed information to influence their real-world choices. More importantly, these heuristics (i.e., mental shortcuts) guide us to answers about how to interpret the world more…

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By Adam Sanders.

Election time gets everyone riled up in the U.S. Whether it is the Presidential, Senate, or House races, turnout has been exploding in recent years (along with the vitriol). The talking heads gab, the amount of polling is astronomical, and one is surprised at how frantically septuagenarians can travel around the country. And yet, even in the present day, voters often ignore the type of elections that have the most impact on their day-to-day lives. These races are gubernatorial and state legislature elections. In order to understand the importance of gubernatorial and state legislature elections, one needs…

The VotingSmarter Texas Research Team has been working extremely hard to make sure that you had all of the neutral, easy to understand information to help you become more informed for the Texas municipal elections. We also sent out a survey to all of the candidates to fill out with their information and only a few responded. VotingSmarter keeps it Fair, Fast, and Fun.

Make sure you get informed before you head to the polls on May 1st!

Stay tuned to see how the candidates running feel on 4 issues — infrastructure, covid, policing, and education.

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By Adam Sanders.


When we read the news, or even watch television and films, we often imagine that the worlds of politicians and businesses are discreet, if interdependent, entities. Politicians may curry favor with corporate donors, and corporations may be involved in activism or influence campaigns, but otherwise each world’s denizens are not members of the other world. This is far from the case. The worlds of government and business are in fact connected by a process known as the Revolving Door. This career corridor and the incestuous relationship it facilitates need to be examined to truly understand contemporary U.S…


By Adam Sanders.

It is often not something we think about, but the United States still has colonies in the 21st century (although we call them territories, since it sounds much nicer). But one might think that in the political sphere they are irrelevant. Constitutionally, they are, but they have the potential to be quite important, especially in the present day when every vote counts. One must remember, the collective population of the U.S. territories is just short of four million people. Twenty U.S. states do not have populations that high. Yet, the territories are consistently neglected, especially when in…

By Adam Sanders.


As voters, we typically think of politics and elections as something unique and exclusive that we engage in with our political partners during campaign seasons. We do not always have a political partner, or even know who our type is. We still end up getting distracted by fixations on education, healthcare, or racial justice, just to name a few things we all think are hot topic issues. Some of us also have tastes that are a little niche that do not get national attention. Political kinks can include things like hunting rights on certain land in North…

Walter Mondale shortly after his victory in the 1984 Democratic Primaries.

By Adam Sanders.

We voters like to think of our relationships with our presidents as exclusive relationships between them and ourselves. They protect us, they provide for us, they tell us they love us, and make sure to see us often, especially if we live close to them in a place like Pennsylvania or Ohio. But even early in the relationship, before we even decide if they are the right man for us, they already seem to have other people in their lives. Whenever the two of you go on a date, whether to a rally, a fancy PAC dinner…

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Following our late 2020 presidential election, I began noticing an increasing skepticism in our current Electoral College’s functionality from an overwhelming majority of Americans.

Based on a recent 2020 Gallup study, three out of five Americans favor our popular vote replacing the Electoral College through a constitutional amendment. Like many uninformed Americans, I was surprised following the 2016 election results that appointed Republican nominee Donald Trump to the presidency despite coming off second to best in the popular vote against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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