By Andrew Moore

Political polarization in America is certainly not new, nor is it new in other democracies in the world; however, the level of polarization has indeed risen drastically.

To provide a context in a survey by the Pew Research Center from April 12th through April 19th of 2016 showed that 45%…

By Adam Sanders

We all know chocolate as the hard liquor of childhood. As children, we obsessively beg at the homes of strangers, acquire as much as possible, eat as much as we can in one sitting until we are sick, and then swear we will never touch chocolate again…

*Disclaimer: This OP-ED article expresses and reflects the author’s views — not affiliated with the apolitical values of VotingSmarter.

By Sean Duffy, Content Writer at VotingSmarter

Photo by Element5 Digital on Unsplash

Critical Race theory is one of the newest culture war flashpoints to dominate American politics as of late. Yet despite this theory dominating platforms like Fox News, CNN, or late-night talk shows, many people probably could not tell you a single thing about…

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