By Adam Sanders.


When we read the news, or even watch television and films, we often imagine that the worlds of politicians and businesses are discreet, if interdependent, entities. Politicians may curry favor with corporate donors, and corporations may be involved in activism or influence campaigns, but otherwise each world’s denizens are not members of the other world. This is far from the case. The worlds of government and business are in fact connected by a process known as the Revolving Door. This career corridor and the incestuous relationship it facilitates need to be examined to truly understand contemporary U.S…


By Adam Sanders.

It is often not something we think about, but the United States still has colonies in the 21st century (although we call them territories, since it sounds much nicer). But one might think that in the political sphere they are irrelevant. Constitutionally, they are, but they have the potential to be quite important, especially in the present day when every vote counts. One must remember, the collective population of the U.S. territories is just short of four million people. Twenty U.S. states do not have populations that high. Yet, the territories are consistently neglected, especially when in…

By Adam Sanders.


As voters, we typically think of politics and elections as something unique and exclusive that we engage in with our political partners during campaign seasons. We do not always have a political partner, or even know who our type is. We still end up getting distracted by fixations on education, healthcare, or racial justice, just to name a few things we all think are hot topic issues. Some of us also have tastes that are a little niche that do not get national attention. Political kinks can include things like hunting rights on certain land in North…

Walter Mondale shortly after his victory in the 1984 Democratic Primaries.

By Adam Sanders.

We voters like to think of our relationships with our presidents as exclusive relationships between them and ourselves. They protect us, they provide for us, they tell us they love us, and make sure to see us often, especially if we live close to them in a place like Pennsylvania or Ohio. But even early in the relationship, before we even decide if they are the right man for us, they already seem to have other people in their lives. Whenever the two of you go on a date, whether to a rally, a fancy PAC dinner…

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Following our late 2020 presidential election, I began noticing an increasing skepticism in our current Electoral College’s functionality from an overwhelming majority of Americans.

Based on a recent 2020 Gallup study, three out of five Americans favor our popular vote replacing the Electoral College through a constitutional amendment. Like many uninformed Americans, I was surprised following the 2016 election results that appointed Republican nominee Donald Trump to the presidency despite coming off second to best in the popular vote against Democrat Hillary Clinton.

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With the wrap-up of February and with-it Black History Month, I’d like to take the time and highlight some much-needed representation from the newly elected 117th congress. This newest congress is the most diverse in U.S. history, although it is still overwhelmingly white and male.

Representation is both important and meaningful, and the act of being represented within Congress is a great step forward. There is still much social strife in the U.S. and injustice solely based on someone’s race. Individuals who share these experiences, and are willing to fight to abolish racial prejudice, was key for many new members…

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The past few months have been incredibly polarized politically. I have seen too many posts captioned ‘unfollow me if you don’t agree with this’ or ‘block me if you believe this’ but in reality, it should have been ‘tell me why you think this’ or ‘help me understand this’. My freshman year roommate had almost the opposite political views as me and my other friends could not grasp how she was one of the most important people in my life. …

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As the pandemic ravages both the economy and people’s livelihoods, it’s apparent that weak, or for some nonexistent, healthcare is not good. Healthcare is a necessity for many Americans; without it, many would go into insurmountable debt. Most of the developed world has a form of single-payer healthcare, in which the government supplies a basis on healthcare for all citizens, except the U.S. The U.S. healthcare system is mostly tied to your employment. So, when there is a mass of layoffs and unemployed people, their healthcare is no longer available. A recent report showed that 14.6 million Americans lost access…

As a company of immense influence on the tech world, Apple also plays a large role in affairs both foreign and domestic. Although the company does not donate to candidates or parties, in 2019, Apple spent over $7 million in lobbying efforts that focused on the rights of big tech companies, fair treatment for immigrants, and free trade with China. Additionally, Apple takes part in many organizations, including Americans for Free Trade Coalition and the Business Roundtable.

Since 2011, Apple has donated several hundred million dollars to various educational and environmental initiatives, such as hurricane relief, wildfire recovery efforts, flood…

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Like many Americans, 8 million of which have sunk into poverty as of June 2020 due to the pandemic, you may be anxiously waiting for some further stimulus support from the federal government. Even though a direct payment of $600 eventually passed, it took months of back-and-forth negotiations between Republicans and Democrats in the House, Senate, and Oval Office to finally reach an agreement; and the truth is for many it simply is not enough.

But the fight is not over, with some Democrats and Republicans, including Donald Trump, calling for a singular bill that would increase the stimulus to…

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