By: Ben Coburn

Facebook collects a lot of data about you. If you are one of Facebook’s users, and even if you are not, you most likely know this by now. You have probably heard about one of the company’s past data breaches, or have seen its CEO, Mark Zuckerberg…

By Adam Sanders

We all know chocolate as the hard liquor of childhood. As children, we obsessively beg at the homes of strangers, acquire as much as possible, eat as much as we can in one sitting until we are sick, and then swear we will never touch chocolate again…

*Disclaimer: This OP-ED article expresses and reflects the author’s views — not affiliated with the apolitical values of VotingSmarter.

By Sean Duffy, Content Writer at VotingSmarter

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Critical Race theory is one of the newest culture war flashpoints to dominate American politics as of late. Yet despite this theory dominating platforms like Fox News, CNN, or late-night talk shows, many people probably could not tell you a single thing about…

In celebration of the commencement of Hispanic Heritage Month, there is one lingering difference behind this celebrated holiday compared to other observed months.

By Adam Sanders

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School is upon us again, and so are concerns about COVID in the classroom that we have been familiar with since the top of 2020. Yes, the small majority of Americans have been vaccinated compared to this time last year. Nevertheless, the equation is different with students…

By: Sean Duffy, Content Writer with VotingSmarter

On July 20th of this year, the California Department of Fair Employment and Housing filed a lawsuit against Activision Blizzard that alleged a toxic “frat boy” culture had permeated throughout the corporation. Sexual harassment, gender discrimination, and abuse were targeted at women for…

By Adam Sanders

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Without a doubt, we all like to be certain that the companies to whom we give our money are behaving honestly and ethically, and do not have questionable pasts. but off course, that is easier said than done. Even if we believe our preferred companies to be…

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The Tokyo Olympic Games is finally set to kick off this Friday, July 23rd, after more than a year’s delay due to the coronavirus. Yet, as most of the world is still very aware, the pandemic is still raging on. While countries like the U.S., is nearing a 50% vaccination…

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